Direct Mail

Here’s the secret to turning 2020

into your best sales year Ever

regardless of what business you’re in…

Unleash the power of your customer list with blockbuster
Direct Mail letters that reel in customers in droves.

  • Entice customers to come out of the woodwork
  • Fill your appointment book
  • Move merchandise that’s been gathering dust
  • Save your month
  • Make this year a banner year

Dear Business or Practice Owner:

My name is Ron Occhino - co-founder and CEO of Vertex Marketing in Stamford, CT. My Direct Mail marketing has been grossing millions, good times and bad, since 1982. It doesn't matter whether you’re marketing a product, service or professional practice... Direct Mail done correctly works!

I want to tell you right up front that Direct Mail is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This is a proven way to send sales soaring regardless of what business you’re in, despite the economy, despite the constant whining, and the naysayers spouting doom and gloom all around you.

If you know how to respond to times like these you are going to thrive. In fact, this year could be your best year ever if you can get in the right mindset and follow 2 simple rules:

RULE #1:

The biggest mistake small to mid-size companies make is to cut their marketing budgets during slow sales times. Many business owners feel advertising won’t be productive during a slow period and believe they will save money by eliminating that expense.

That’s a proven formula for disaster.

Here’s the proof:

McGraw-Hill Research shows that businesses that maintained or increased their advertising expenditures during a slow period averaged significantly higher sales growth.

History shows that companies that fare best during hard times do so by continuing to communicate with customers and build their brands regardless of temporary economic conditions.

Maintaining brand identity costs MUCH LESS than rebuilding it later

Marketing in a slow economy or slow sales cycle is extremely advantageous!
A tremendous benefit of marketing during a slow time is that your competitors have likely stopped advertising, giving you an edge. Your business will continue to get exposure but your competitors will not. You won't only retain your current customers, but also win new ones. You’ll increase profits, enlarge your market share and eat your competitor’s lunch! Conversely, if your company stops advertising but your competitors do not, it is easier for them to acquire your customers. Plus, you put future sales in jeopardy.

So get in a marketing mindset.

RULE #2:
Direct mail to your customer list delivers a knock-out punch that will leave your competitors asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Now that you’re going to buck the trend, you want the smartest, most cost effective way to boost sales, especially in tough economic times.

Personalized Direct Mail that tells a compelling story will get your customers to ACT NOW.

My biggest clients are in the retail automotive sales and service business. If you think what YOU'RE selling is tough – try the car business today. Yet all of my clients are using Personalized Direct Mail with astonishing success.

People receive less mail in in their mailboxes today, but EVERYBODY reads their mail!, so Direct Mail letters will produce a higher rate of return. Less clutter in the mailbox means your message will be noticed even more.

Think it won’t work for you? THINK AGAIN. No advertising is more powerful, more effective, more trackable.

Have you tried Direct Mail before and gotten zero response? Direct Mail done incorrectly is a money pit. Using customer-based Direct Mail will almost always work, and I’ll prove it. If you follow my time tested, solid marketing principles, there is no more profitable and trackable gateway to results on this earth.

Your biggest asset, and the cornerstone of your direct marketing program is your customer database, which is like a pile of gold bullion, waiting to be cashed in for dollars. Don’t let that precious gold lay buried in the ground, dormant, almost useless! I’ll show you how to squeeze every last dime from it. If you aren’t using Direct Mail aimed at your own customers, clients or patients, you are missing out on the most cost effective marketing weapon available anywhere.

Do not dismiss the power of your customer list. In the right hands, this list is a gold mine. Soon, yours can be in the right hands.

If you are going to hire a "Professional" to help with your Direct Mail projects, ask for testimonials. It's been said that what others say about you is 100 times more credible than what you say about yourself. First, click here for testimonials that will prove Vertex is world-class.

Now that you have read some testimonials, click below for IRREFUTABLE PROOF that our clients come back again and again for profitable Direct Mail campaigns.

Call me directly at 203-322-7770 x 303 or email me at to set up a FREE 20 minute consultation to see how Vertex can help grow your business, even in these tough times.

Ronald Occhino

Ron Occhino
Co-Founder and CEO

P.S. The 2 reports and 20 minute consultation are absolutely FREE.

P.P.S. Bad times come and go.
(I've been through 36 years worth). The trick is to stay afloat and plan to get ahead when the inevitable slow cycle hits. Direct Mail marketing is one of the most inexpensive, accountable and trackable ways to promote your company and earn new business. It will help you not only survive, but actually thrive when times are tough.

The smart business owners, the prepared business owners will see their competition fail and not blink an eye. These are the business owners who were smart enough to learn how to use Direct Mail. They know that few if any of their competitors bothered to learn anything about Direct Mail. But you did.

P.P.P.S. Not that you need even more proof that Direct Mail is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available, but just roll over the image below to see that one of the world's biggest, most popular and widely admired companies in history still uses good old Direct Mail. Get ready to be shocked...

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