Entertainment Industry

“First impressions are crucial in the music industry... artists are made or broken on the basis of a first impression... Go for quality. Don’t compromise!...
Your high-quality act deserves high-quality representation.”

-from The Self-Promoting Musician by Peter Spellman

Finally, you can get the marketing edge you need to succeed in the entertainment industry -- at prices you can afford!

We’ll put over 30 years of marketing, branding, public relations and advertising experience to work for you. Our “Talent Boosters” help you market your unique talents.

  • Website:
    The Internet functions globally 24/7. Even if you have the most creative website, if it hasn’t been designed with the latest elements crucial to search engines, it can fall to the bottom of the search engine lists.
  • Audio/video CD/DVD demos: Production/Editing video footage and audio recordings, custom designed labels, kits and packaging
  • Promotional items: Posters, T-shirts, business cards, give-a-ways
  • Press Materials:
    press kit, resumé, press release, photos, letterhead, mailing envelopes, pocket folders, news sheet