Fishing, sailing, boating, running, walking at night, our hands-free PowerCap™ Pilot Series with (2) red LED and (3) white LED lights is the perfect night vision tool, on water or land, for your jobs, leisure time and safety!

Night vision cap
with 3 white &
2 red LED lights

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"Was expecting "good", what came out of the box was 'excellent'!"
- Talbot Pratt, Cactus Marine Digital Yacht America 2 – 77th, Newburyport, MA 11/17/2010
"I will always use yours on night races!"
- David Sampson, Musto Ambassador,
Tower Marine Management, Australia
"Great piece of sailing gear! Comfortable, extremely useful and totally hands free."
- Ed Stott, Marion Bermuda Race 2011
"Don't think there is anything like this on the market. Lights very bright and easy to turn on and off."
- Jack Harvey, veteran offshore navigator, Scuttlebut, 10/29/2010
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